How to plan a road trip with your dog

April 16, 2021

The ultimate checklist for a road trip with your dog

We all wish that we could take our dogs with us everywhere. Unfortunately, dogs can be difficult to travel with sometimes. With no doggy airlines or off leash resorts, it may be hard to take your dog on vacation. So why not plan a road trip instead! Make some exciting dog-friendly stops and see the countryside with your pup, what could be better than that! Here are some tips for a dog friendly road trip:

  1. Choose your route

It is important to plan ahead for any vacation. Canada is a very diverse country, full of different landscapes and sites to see. Click here for a few great road trips to do in Canada. Before embarking on your route, make sure to check the pet policies for the places you plan to visit. Pro tip: on each stop of your trip, try checking out a new dog park so your dog can meet a new friend in each city or province!

Road Trip to Banff National Park in the Canadian Rockies Tourist traveling in a car vacationing in the Canadian Rockies Banff National Park in Canada
  1. Pack the essentials

Aside from the human essentials, make sure you also have everything for your dog. It is easy to forget the canine things, so here is a checklist of road trip items for your dog:

A young woman in a car on a background of mountains sits relaxed and drinks hot tea. A young woman in a car on a background of mountains sits relaxed and drinks hot tea. A faithful and beloved dog sits nearby.
  1. Consider a kennel or carrier

Car safety should be a high priority when on a road trip. Just like how we humans wear seatbelts, the safest way for dogs to travel in a car is in a secured kennel. No one plans to get into an accident but on the chance there is one, your dog will be safer in a kennel than casually sitting on the seat beside you.

  1. Offer your dog water regularly

Climate control in vehicles can make your dog become dehydrated more quickly than they otherwise would. Make sure to offer water at regular intervals!

  1. Regular rest stops

As a result of the extra water, you will also need to make extra rest stops. Your dog will be happy to stretch their legs and sniff around for a bit too!

  1. Have fun!

Take this time to bond with your dog and see the beauty that Canada has to offer. Woof!

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