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August 11, 2021

Puppies are continuously growing and learning. Keep your puppy mentally and physically stimulated with enrichment treats and toys!

Is there anything cuter than a new puppy? Just like human babies, puppies are at a prime learning time in their lives. These first 2 years are critical for brain and neural development. As they navigate their surroundings, puppies are learning how to problem solve and interact with the world around them. Being a new puppy / dog parent can be a very overwhelming feeling, especially if you’re a first time paw-rent.  

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It is important to engage with them and provide puppies with opportunities to learn not only for brain development but also as an opportunity to expel both mental and physical energy. Have you ever heard of enrichment toys and treats? They are specially designed pet products that function as a puzzle or problem solving game for puppies and adult dogs alike.

Often a toy coupled with some type of food, puzzle toys keep your pup busy while they work to get all of the tasty treats out of whatever contraption they are in. Toys like these keep your puppy engaged, happy and stimulated. After they’ve expended all of their energy on the puzzle toy, you will have a tired, sleepy pup on your hands. This means that you will be less likely to have a puppy who is getting into trouble, as puppies so often do!

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That is where Super PawBox comes in as your puppyhood partner and delivers a monthly box to your door that is customized to your puppy’s age, size and characteristics. A Canadian based company that was started by Alize Bhatia, Super PawBox is there to help new puppy parents get through the roller coaster journey of puppyhood and to give back to rescues around the world.

There are so many products out there in the market, how do you know which one is right for your growing puppy? Growing puppies that are under a year get a training guide in addition to the goodies that give puppy parents an overview of what to expect; whether they are welcoming their new fur-baby home, dealing with their teething and house training or dealing with the dreaded teenage phase. There to help you through all those milestones, each box includes 5-6 items from healthy treats, age appropriate plush and durable toys and chews, to seasonal accessories. 

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So what can you expect from Super PawBox? Upon ordering, you will receive two bags of dog treats (if your pup has allergies or a sensitive stomach, they will 100% accommodate that with treats that work with your pup. Toys! From plush to durable, toys are all based on your pup’s size and age. As they start off their puppyhood journey, they will be provided with more plush based toys so it is easier on their teeth and give them soft chews that massage and soothe their gums (goodbye ankle biters!). As your puppy gets older and those adult teeth set in, their chewer side may start to peak and if your home is seeing a plushie massacre, you will be provided with tougher and more durable rubber based toys. It is absolutely understandable that your pup may have turned into a massive chewer, so to satisfy their newfound chewing needs, they will be provided with rubber-based toys/chews and edible chews. 

Super PawBox also has you covered for every season.They have seasonal accessories that can range from portable water bottles in the summer to paw balm in the winter time.

It is important to remember that your puppy is constantly growing and learning so it is imperative to provide them with plenty of activities that are both mentally and physically enriching. There are so many benefits that come with enrichment activities such as reducing stress and anxiety, preventing boredom and providing mental and physical exercise. The great thing is that you could use the products in your Super PawBox for these activities. Some of our personal favorites are scattering treats on the grass / snuffle mat and giving the go ahead to sniff and find the treats, another one that helps in burning off some energy is a good game of tug and fetch for which you could use the dog toys that come in the box. If your pup is young, play on a soft surface (ie: grass / carpet / yoga mat) and only throw very short distances. Be mindful that their bones are still growing and any form of strenuous activity could hurt them.

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Bringing home a dog can be overwhelming. Remember to do your research and provide them with as many opportunities as you can for mental and physical enrichment. Just because life can get a bit ruff, doesn’t mean puppyhood needs to be. 

If you are interested in subscribing to Super PawBox, check out their website and instagram here!

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