Our Story

After providing over 500,000+ meals to dogs, we quickly realized the need for a healthy, nutritious snack for dogs. It hit me in the middle of a summer hike. Why did I pack a snack for myself, and nothing for my pupper?

As a dog owner, I started to write down all the times my dog could use a healthy snack between meals (or to replace a meal) and the list kept growing. Thousands of conversations with pet parents helped us understand what was missing in the treat market, and why human-grade snack bars could make a difference in their lives.

-Vino and Vijay Jeyapalan, Co-founders of Monch Bar & Kabo

Meet Our Team

Vino and Vijay Jeyapalan
These twin co-founders have spent 10+ years building consumer product brands that deliver the best customer experience.
Andrea Geiger
R&D Scientist and Companion Animal Nutritionist
After completeing her graduate studies in Veterinary Nutrition and Toxicology Andrea joined Kabo in 2019. As the R&D scientist and nutritionist, she is the pioneer of pet food innovation.